On-stream Inspection of Piping Loops and Equipments

On-stream Inspection of Piping Loops and Equipments Facility at PETROCON ENGG. & INSPECTION PVT.LTD Navi Mumbai, India (As Per OISD130 , API510 , API 570 and fire assessment) Inspection performed For :
1. Leaks: All leaks shall be located and reported. Special attention shall be given to Tee Joints, RF Pads; small bore connections like Vents & Bleeders and Valves.
2. Misalignment: All misalignment shall be noted and reported.
3. Pipe Supports: Bare Pipes are supported on Wear Pads and Insulated Pipes are supported by Shoe Supports at all support locations. All supports shall be inspected to check for whether proper support is used, for missing, misalignment, improper welding, general corrosion, etc.
4. Vibrations, if any shall be noted and reported.
5. External corrosion shall be noted and reported: External corrosion can take place for the following reasons. All observations and extent of corrosion and metal loss shall be captured during the inspections.
a) Atmospheric corrosion
b) Steam impingement, Salt Water dripping, Oil dripping, etc.
c) Fouling of Pipelines with each other
d) Painting, Insulation damages - all damages shall be reported. Any damage which can be serious threat to the Pipeline integrity shall be thoroughly inspected and suitable replacement or repairs shall be marked.
e) Mechanical damage, sagging, etc.
6. Internal corrosion shall be noted and reported. Any major loss of thickness shall be Reported Inspection Engineer.
Agency shall prepare all Reporting Formats, viz. Reporting, Sketching, etc. and get its approval from clients Inspection Engineer in-charge before starting of the job. Comprehensive Inspection and thickness measurement shall be immediately started after approval of Isometric Sketch and TML/CML by client Inspection Engineer.