Welder training and certification


Practical Qualification and Certification Training for Welders and Operators - Metallic Materials

Petrocon Engg & Inspection provides training courses for welders (for manual and partly mechanized processes) and for welding operators (for fully mechanized welding processes) either at client facility or Welder training and certification facility at Petrocon Engg & Inspection Pvt.Ltd Navi Mumbai, India

These courses do not have fixed duration and programs: depending on the requested qualification and on the entrance skill of the trainees, courses are developed starting with practical demonstrations and continuing with practical exercises increasing from time to time the degree of difficulty; courses are teached by Qualified Instructors.

Petrocon Engg & Inspection has developed different training programs, suitable for people who want to increase their own skill and knowledge towards welder's profession in several industrial sectors such as Oil & Gas, Off and Onshore industries, Infrastructures, Transportation (automotive, shipyards, railways, aerospace) welded components production, and others.

Different training programs can be developed for: • Structural steelworks
• Pressure vessel
• Piping & Pipelines

Some of the available courses for Welders and Operators are: • Shielded Metal Arc Welding & OFW/Cutting for Welders Qualification
• Gas Shielded Metal Arc Welding (GMAW) & OFW/Cutting for Welders Qualification
• Gas-Shielded Tungsten Arc Welding (GTAW) for Welders Qualification
• GTAW+SMAW Processes (ASME EN IBR) for Tube & Pipe Welder Qualification
• SAW Welding Operators Qualification
• IBR Plate Welder Certification by SMAW process
• Semi-Automatic GMAW & FCAW welding process in all position for Structural Welders.
• SAW welding operator's qualification
• HP Tube & Pipe Welding Training in all position by GTAW+SMAW processes - with optional 6GR Welding Qualification

Please Note for Qualification Courses

One week is usually sufficient for anyone with welding experience in the process being tested Customers must furnish plate of the type to be used in practicing for the qualification tests The cost of testing as per AWS, ASME or API codes and is paid directly to an independent testing laboratory where the test sample is taken. Actual test costs vary depending upon the Testing laboratory. Based on different needs, training is carried out on Carbon steels or Low-alloy steels but can be customized to the use of the main high-alloy steels or non-ferrous alloys (Aluminium, Nickel, Copper, Titanium, etc.). All the courses can be aimed at obtaining the relevant certification according to the main International and national codes and standards: 
UNI EN, UNI EN ISO, ASME,AWS and many more.