Eddy Current Testing

Eddy Current testing facility at PETROCON ENGG. & INSPECTION PVT.LTD Navi Mumbai, India 1. State of Eddy current inspection equipment suitable for Material sorting, Surface and subsurface flaw detection in conducting materials, Conductivity testing for metals, accurate measurement of Coating thickness, corrosion damages for heat exchanger tubes, condition monitoring of plants and structures applications.
2. Rotating scanner option for inspecting bolt holes in aircraft structures.
3. Impedance plane display equipments that are designed for general and critical Eddy current inspections. Built in defect recording makes testing and printing reports and finishing the tasks quickly to fulfil inspection targets.
4. Experienced NDT Level II certified professionals to carry out Eddy current inspections in house and onsite jobs.
5. In-house ASNT NDT Eddy current testing ET Level III services on Consulting, technique establishments, procedure preparation.
6. Multi frequency capability form heat exchanger tube inspections.