Drill Pipe Inspection

Drill Pipe Inspection

We are pleased to inform your good office that we have added Oil Country Tubular Goods Inspection, Visual Inspection, MPI and load testing of cargo handling equipments, Rope Access etc to our fold..

We have been providing our services in India since 2003 in the field of Education & Training , Inspection & NDT Engineering, Quality Certification in India. We aim to be a comprehensive service provider of specialized inspection services to local and overseas OIL & Gas Companies.

We are an ISO CERTIFIED 9001:2015 COMPANY

Our range of services includes full range of Non-Destructive Testing (NDT) Inspection, Oil Country Tubular Goods (OCTG) Inspection & Maintenance, Hard Banding and Lifting Equipments & Gear Inspection. Petrochemicals, Refineries, Chemicals, Pharmaceuticals, Energy, Power and Infrastructure Industries.

Our Current focus is to provide world class , quality Inspection Services to cater to our clients needs and to help protect our clients assets through proper maintenance and inspection , Our team is committed to provide timely and reliable services to the best of our abilities at all times

Our list of services includes but not limited to

Tubing and Casing Inspection

1. Electromagnetic Inspection (EMI)
2. API Thread gauging
3. Full Length MPI
4. Visual Body Inspection
5. Visual Thread Inspection
6. Full Length API Drifting
7. Ultrasonic Spot Wall Thickness measurement.

Tubing / Casing Maintenance Services

1. Internal and External Cleaning
2. Internal and External coating
3. Hardness testing

Drill String and Bottom Hole Assembly Inspection and Maintenance Services:

1. Visual Body Inspection
2. Visual Thread Inspection
3. Black light end and Critical area Inspection

• MPI by AC/DC Yoke
• Demagnetization services
• Profile Gagging
• Dimensional Inspection
• Drill Pipe OD Gauging
• Electromagnetic Inspection
• Ultrasonic Thickness gauging
• Ultrasonic shear wave Inspection / End area Inspection.
• Re-facing services for all API connections.
• Internal and external cleaning

Rig parts / Handling / Lifting gear / Cargo handling equipments Inspection

Thorough Visual examination
• Magnetic particle Testing
• Liquid Penetrant Testing
• Pre / Post MPI and load testing
• Ultrasonic Testing (thickness and shear wave)

Rig Structure / Mast / Pad eye Inspection:

• Visual Inspection
• Magnetic Particle Inspection
• Liquid Penetrant Inspection
• Ultrasonic thickness gauging

High Pressure Line / Pipe line Inspection

• Visual Inspection
• Magnetic Particle Inspection
• Liquid Penetrant Inspection
• Ultrasonic thickness gauging

General Inspection Services

• Magnetic Particle Inspection
• Liquid Penetrant Inspection
• Mill Surveillance
• Third party witness Inspection
• Inspection Audits

Inspection services in accordance with

• API,
• T.H. Hill and Associates- DS 1,
• Manufacturer recommendations.
• Customer specifications.
• Inspection Audits

Rope Access (IRATA)
• NDT on mast inspection of welds with qualified Inspectors trained to scale heights with ease, approved by IRATA- Industrial rope access trade association.
• Work at height, rescue at height, advance evacuation and rescue, rope access are the core values.
• Eddy Current inspection on weldments of Mast, lifting pad eyes/lugs, etc.
Upcoming Inspection Services:-
• LEEA Certification to be added to our scope of work.
We would like to offer our services to your esteemed organization and request your good self to grant us an appointment at a time and date convenient to you.
Also request you to enroll us an approved vendor to do similar services for you and your service partners. Looking forward to have good long lasting and mutually beneficial business relationship with you and assure our best quality and timely services with integrit